wedding stationery trends for 2023

You’re engaged! Jump into your wedding planning with some wedding invitation trends for 2023. It’s always exciting for us to work with new mediums and materials to create innovative stationery from your invitations to your day stationery. If you have access to Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram you will already have seen a few inspiration boards and ingenious ideas for your upcoming wedding. This years trends are particularly exciting as we are seeing a return to more traditional formats and finishes. Acrylic is the main focus, and we have lots of ideas as to how they can be printed, finished and packaged. You can expect to see foiling and debossing; formats that include vellum, handmade paper and leather; and with decoration that includes wax seals, silk and calligraphy.


Acrylic or perspex is a strong material generally used in shopfitting.  It is very versatile – ultimately though the look and feel is what gives it that wow factor.  The transparency of it, and the many ways it can be enhanced whether though the printing process (etched, single, full or metallic ink colour), the added elements like vinyl and acrylic paint that can add to the overall look of the acrylic, and then the presentation of the acrylic which can be as simple as a lined envelope, or an insert pocket as in the example below.  We can also make them to fit folders, vellum wraps or boxes.

It is important to note that acrylic invitations will cost more than traditional paper invitations due to the setup processes involved with their creation.  They are highly impressive and continue to be extremely on trend for 2022. Expect to be blown away!


The use of hand painted floral elements throughout your stationery is set to continue – romantic, whimsical, vibrant, tropical – the choice is yours.  Ideal for destination, rustic or vintage weddings, it’s true when they say “say it with flowers”.  Accenting the flowers of your day on your invitation is a perfect way to set the tone for your wedding.


We’ve been custom embossing for some time and I love it, especially when used in moderation.  Adding subtle elements like an embossed monogram, ampersand, traditional symbols like Ganeshas or Aums or a particular image that is pertinent to you is what we would recommend.  Chat to us about the options available to you.



For a long time invitations – particularly when hand delivered – were not seen as requiring envelopes.  While some formats are closed with bellybands and ribbons which are a presentation in itself, there is a return to creating unique ways to package the invitation and wrap it up creatively.  Beautiful floral or metallic lined envelopes with foiling or calligraphy are coming back in a big way, along with personalised box invitations and the use of new materials like wood, perspex, leather and fabric. The additional cost is notable however the impression is invaluable.



The water colour trend has been around for a while, but we are now working with geometrics, marble, and dark textured boards, usually incorporating some metallics. Bold, rich and moody colour combinations or the opposite, light and romantic.


It’s been wonderful to see a return to more traditional fonts which, when combined with a romantic script, can look absolutely stunning.  Nothing says “Black Tie” like a minimalistic invitation with strong black print in bold type.  You can even fuze traditional type with modern hairline fonts to create some contrast, something which is beautifully executed in interlocking monograms, with or without decoration like wreaths or illustrations.



Adding a splash of metallic on to your invitation is certainly going to make a statement.  There are many options available when it comes to foiling, chat to us about your unique requirements and we will recommend the best method for you.


Having a wedding website created to support your invitation is certainly something we can expect to see more of in the future.  Fuchsia Designs has developed a sister website which is an easy to use platform that caters to those couples you want a personalised website to match their wedding invitations and day stationery.  Our websites are designed specifically around your colour scheme and decor elements, they are password protected, and include an online RSVP. The website works across all platforms, whether accessing via mobile, iPad or desktop computers.

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