Additional Day Stationery

These are just a few of the typical day stationery items you may require.  If you have something specific in mind for your day, please contact us to discuss further. Possible additional items include the following:-

In most cases, your decor company will likely be able to offer you a range of table numbers for hire, depending on the decor style you have chosen. Should you wish to match your table numbers with your invitation and day stationery style, please let us know your preference. We provide tent cards, inserts for frames, easels and lasercut table names. Acrylic options are also available.

Whether you choose to include a thank you card on the day or send a thank you postcard after the event, a personal message to your guests is appreciated. Standard formats include punched tags tied to wedding favours, or thank you stickers affixed to boxes.  Some brides even like to write hand written letters to each guest, another token of remembrance for your special day.

Vinyl has become increasingly popular in recent years.  It looks great on the floor of a chapel, at the entrance to the reception, or in the form of a monogram on the dance floor.  Popular sayings include “Forever Starts Today” and “Choose a seat not a Side” and “Welcome to our Future”.

It has become increasingly common to mention those who are no longer with us, and who will be at your wedding in spirit.


We provide custom made guestbooks, which contain A4 landscape pages and are dressed to match the colours and theme of your wedding.  On occasion we include an image of you on the first page.  We can also make wood books which have your names or monogram etched on the front, message trees or a thumb print canvas to hang up in your home.


Whether it be personalised hangars you require, slippers or robes for your entourage, let us know, and we should be able to assist you.


I always admire some of our couples for their ideas, especially if they are memorable! Pinterest and Instagram certainly has opened the door to more creativity, and I love getting involved. If you have something you’d like to incorporate, you are welcome to ask me about it, as we will likely have done it before.




Wedding Poster Signage

Pinterest offers a plethora of ideas for wedding posters or signage.  We have seen quite a few order of the day posters placed in frames, welcome banners, and “welcome to our unplugged wedding” posters to discourage wannabe wedding photographers!  Candy Buffet posters, posters to tell guests what they are eating or drinking at the cocktail table, or bunting to hang.  If you have a specific requirement, talk to us about it and we will be able to best advise you.


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fuchsia wedding invitations, fuchsia invitations, day stationary, welcome drinks

Personalised Place Cards

For large weddings, place cards are sometimes replaced by seating people at a table or excluding the table plan altogether and just having reserved signs for the bridal party and family tables.  Personally I love reaching my seat and finding a personalised place card that acknowledges my presence at this special occasion. There are many formats one could look at – a straight tent card, a business card to sit in a holder or tied to a wine glass or cutlery.

Also See: Wedding Poster Signage

fuchsia wedding invitations, fuchsia invitations, day stationary, place cards
fuchsia wedding invitations, fuchsia invitations, day stationary, printed menu

Wedding Menu Cards

Wedding menu cards come in all shapes and sizes. A standard menu card would be a straight A5 either flat or tent shaped. We regularly suggest menu wraps or menus which sit on or inside a serviette, and we also inspire the menu underplate option.

You can have them on card, wood, or even perspex. For larger weddings, we regularly combine the menu, reception programme and table number in one, either as a table talker, concertina fold or lasercut, depending on your style and theme.

fuchsia wedding invitations, wedding menu card

fuchsia wedding invitations, fuchsia invitations, menu platescape

Also See: Additional Day Stationery



Traditional weddings, and most often Church weddings, may require a standard A4 to A5 order of service programme which will include the procession, bridal retinue and hymn or two. These days however, you can change the format of your wedding programme to something different, a greeting card format, a paddle fan or a straight card affixed to the back of a chair with an envelope of rose petals. The contents have also changed to include social media hashtags and fun facts.  Whatever you choose, make sure your order of service reflects your personalities. Many people like to have a reception programme that is separate from an order of service. The reception programme tells guests when and who will be doing speeches, the order of the reception, from the welcome to the throwing of the garter.




Inspiration boards from Pinterest flow through to us for seating plan ideas. Your decor person may have some suggestions for you as well but generally an A2 seating plan attached to a frame or easel is acceptable.  We regularly make perspex stands, hanging seating plans, and sometimes supply vinyl for guests to affix names inside a window frame.  You can even have your guests collect their place cards from a seating plan table and take it to their seat.