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Silver & White Acrylic Invitation

This beautiful silver and white acrylic invitation has quite a few features. The top edge of the acrylic invitation has has been lasercut along the florals. We applied silver names to the acrylic, before placing the acrylic in a lined box. To finish off the invitation, we added the bride and groom’s initials to the box, and also to a silver mirror perspex tag, which was tied around the box with white satin ribbon.

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Red Hindu Boxed Invitation

Red Hindu Boxed Invitation

Lord Shiva features on the outside of this boxed acrylic invitation, because of his importance to their relationship of the couple.
Red, a symbol of religious fervor, marries well with this figure, along with all the elements in their carefully considered concept, all of which echo further symbols of passion, love, and courage. 

What a wonderful way to start their journey.

Also see the video of this beautiful invitation.

Boxed Wedding Invitation


There are many ways to present your wedding invitations in a boxed wedding invitation format.  Options include a hinged box, a wrapped box, a box and lid, or in this case a gate folded all-in-one box where the invitation is formatted to a tray which is attached to an outer.  This format is very versatile as it can accommodate additional content either affixed left and right of the content area, or assembled with the central content.   If you have a unique box idea, or would like to discuss the box options for your own invitation, drop us an email. As you can see this monochrome box invitation is made from metallic white and black boards, and incorporates foil embossed paper inlays.  The invitation is closed with a ribbon and embellished with monograms and diamante accents.