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Mediterranean Invitation

Mediterranean Themed Wedding Invitation

Mediterranean Themed Wedding Invitation, Oh the fun that was had creating this Mediterranean themed wedding invitation in classic blue tones, gold and white. Sometimes we have sleepless nights when an idea comes to mind!  I’d wanted to do something three dimensional which I relate back to the tiles, and knew I wanted to bring in some Bougainvillea.  Here lies the result – a Mediterranean themed wedding invitation that, once opened, reveals a vibrant coral inner with popup bougainvillia flowers lining the outside and inside. The invitation itself is a loose insert on the bottom of the inside of the wedding invitation, and can accommodate further inserts for guest information and night before celebrations.

Now to create one in rich reds and golds along the Moroccan theme.  I love the inclusion of metallic gold that works so well with the blue mediterranean tones.


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Mediterranean Invitation with Lemons


Doesn’t this fun Mediterranean themed wedding invitation look great in a palette of blue with lemons. The invitation is printed with vellum and incorporates the styling of traditional painted tiles.  We incorporated this in to a liner for an envelope manufactured from handmade silk laid paper. The vibrancy of the lemons, whether for the invitation or as part of your decor just brightens everything up, adding cheerfulness across all elements of your wedding day.