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Mediterranean Invitation

Mediterranean Themed Wedding Invitation

Mediterranean Themed Wedding Invitation, Oh the fun that was had creating this Mediterranean themed wedding invitation in classic blue tones, gold and white. Sometimes we have sleepless nights when an idea comes to mind!  I’d wanted to do something three dimensional which I relate back to the tiles, and knew I wanted to bring in some Bougainvillea.  Here lies the result – a Mediterranean themed wedding invitation that, once opened, reveals a vibrant coral inner with popup bougainvillia flowers lining the outside and inside. The invitation itself is a loose insert on the bottom of the inside of the wedding invitation, and can accommodate further inserts for guest information and night before celebrations.

Now to create one in rich reds and golds along the Moroccan theme.  I love the inclusion of metallic gold that works so well with the blue mediterranean tones.


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Bridgerton Inspired Wedding Invitation

Bridgerton Inspired Wedding Invitation

Bridgerton Inspired Wedding Invitation is this French inspired pink wedding invitation captures the essence of Marie Antoinette and the classic late baroque period. With the popularity of the Bridgerton series, this invitation sets the tone in pale pinks and periwinkle blues. The use of ribbon, lace, feathers and laser cut baroque motiffs provide the texture for this breathtaking tribute. At Fuchsia we strive to create individual designs in creative formats to give it the WOW factor. If you’re looking for striking stationery, contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Photographs by Dean Demos Photography, and styled by Michele Priestman.

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Nautical Themed Wedding Invitation

Nautical Themed Wedding Invitation


Nothing says nautical like navy, red and white.  Throw in some stripes, anchors and a lasercut lighthouse and this will be the result.  A sophisticated, modern nautical themed wedding invitation.  In this specific example, the laser cut was made to mirror the Umhlanga lighthouse along our KZN North Coast but we can always work with a lighthouse of your choice.


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Postcard Travel Wedding Invitation

Postcard Travel Wedding Invitation


Postcard travel wedding invitation to suit a vintage theme.  These postcard invitations have been artworked to an A6 size.  Main content and guest information cards are tied together with bakers twine.  The wedding invitations also have matching custom made envelopes to suit which can either be embellished with a gold or silver monogram, or wax stamped.


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fuchsia wedding invitations, fuchsia invitations, peacock themed wedding invitation

Peacock Wedding Invitation


It’s so exciting to work with rich, bold vibrant colours to create this peacock themed wedding invitation.  The wedding card in metallic purple and teal features a custom embossed peacock on the cover, and a feather print with monogram bellyband.  Affixed to the inside cover of this wedding invitation is a pocket to hold the guest information you may require.  I’m sure this invitation can be altered to suit your colour scheme, if you for example would like to add gold or cerise, or perhaps a peacock feather slipped under the bellyband.

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Carousel Invitation


Carnival themed wedding invitations create the most wonderful opportunities for unusual stationery, starting with a standing popup carousel invitation that folds to a C5 Envelope. The elements of this popup combines the playfulness of the merry-go-round with vibrant colour and stand-out design. Alternatives include a flat invite embellished with a mask, a diecut bigtop menu card, a ticket entry popup invitation and pin wheel place cards.

Hindu Wedding Invitation


There are a lot of Indian wedding invitations out there. If you are looking for something a bit more unique, we can custom design stationery incorporating the same flair.  In this example of a Hindu wedding invitation, we have lasercut a Ganesh in gold.  We then mounted it to a gate folded ivory outer which accommodates the content in the centre and side panels.  A strong purple satin ribbon accentuates the gold and ivory. Please remember that we are only showcasing a few examples on the website.  If you have your own ideas, why not speak to us about creating a Hindu wedding invitation just for you.

Lovebird Wedding Invitation


Bird themed wedding stationery is extremely popular for 2013.  Whether you are looking for an elegant representation of ‘lovebirds’ or prefer a more playful tribute this theme, Fuchsia Designs has something for you.  In theinvitations above, we have opted for lasercutting to create two different styles for the same theme. We have worked with layering to add interest, something which can be adapted to your colour scheme.  The ‘lovebird’example uses metallic ivory board inlaid with an ivory trans, followed by a playful ‘birdie’ invitation in pastels with a pink inlay.  Both these formats can accommodate insert cards for additional information, however they can be made without inserts if this is your preference.

Message in a Bottle Invitation


A new take on the traditional beach themed message-in-a-bottle invitation.  This example is vintage inspired, with lace, ribbon and pearl embellishments.  The content area has lace-punched corners and sits on a ‘seabed’ of sand, shells, pearls and dried seaweed.  Colours are mint, cream and white, but we can make this invitation to suit your colours and theme.  Contact us to brief us further.