Umabo Wedding Invitation that's lasercut

Lasercut Umabo Invitation

Lasercut Umabo Invitation

This is one of our most popular formats. We hand drew the artwork for this invitation using a photograph of an actual couple in their traditional wear. The lasercut Umabo invitation is created in a variety of colours, to suit your theme. The invitation features some lasercut elements including the couple and a border of traditional African patterns. The invitation print is an insert, placed inside the lasercut outer.

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Lasercut Ganesha Wedding Invitation

Lasercut Ganesha Wedding Invitation

The Lasercut Ganesha Wedding Invitation is a metallic dusty pink wedding invitation is a custom laser cut geometric with Ganesha incorporated into the format.  It is an insert pocket, in other words the printed invitation slides out of it.  This particular invitation incorporates a vellum layer that has been printed with blush and dusty pink florals.  What I like about this invitation is it can be altered to suit any colour scheme, and needn’t have the floral element to it at all.  It can be as modern or as whimsical as you would like it to me.

We used the Hindu symbol Ganesha on this wedding invitation though we can substitute it with a monogram, or any other symbol.

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Ndebele Invitation


We created this laser cut Ndebele invitation for a couple from two cultures who will be joined in a traditional engagement celebration.  The grooms Ndebele heritage is illustrated by traditional Ndebele artwork which forms part of the laser cutting, as does the couple in traditional Zulu dress.  The outer for this particular wedding invitation is cut from Navy, but we can artwork to suit any colour scheme. This format would also suit a umabo wedding.

Lasercut Hindu Invitation


We used images of a Hindu couple in traditional Hindu dress to draw and artwork this custom lasercut Hindu Invitation.  While we can make up the invitation to suit any colour scheme, this particular example has been created in ivory and rose gold with silver accents.  The invitation print pulls out the top of the invitation, and any supplementary information can be incorporated either on the back of the insert, or affixed to the back of the invitation.